15 Best Songs About Doors

Behind Closed Chords: A Collection of the Best Songs About Doors 🎵🚪🕺

Music is a universe painted with myriad hues and symbols. And among these, certain emblems have a knack for popping up more frequently, creating lyrical layers we love to dissect.

Enter the door: more than just a plank of wood, it’s a portal to tales of change, opportunities, enigma, and escapades! This simple entryway has inspired musicians of all beats and bars, stamping a universal footprint across melodies.

Ready for a rhythmic romp? Let’s dive into a handpicked playlist of the top 15 door-inspired ditties!

From rockin’ reverberations to sultry serenades, these tracks echo the dance of life’s phases and the seductive siren call of the uncharted.

So, grab your keys 🗝️, give that doorknob a twist, and swing open the gateway to a world of door-centric decibels! 🎵🚪🕺

15. “Open The Door” by Roger Hodgson 🚪🎶🌍

Ever felt life’s knocking with an epic adventure on the other side? Hodgson’s “Open The Door” isn’t just a song, it’s that very knock! A track that whisks you off your feet, urging you to swing open the gateway to exhilarating experiences.

Dive into a realm where the gentle hum of the piano melds with Hodgson’s nostalgic voice. Remember Supertramp? That iconic rock band that gave life to the airwaves? Yes, that’s him. This song is a nod to that golden age of music. It’s not just a tune but a lyrical mentor urging you, “Open the door, it’s all waiting for you.”

Gearing up for a life transition or a road trip, or just want a throwback to the musical brilliance of a bygone era? Let “Open The Door” be your GPS and playlist wrapped in one. With every note, it promises a world where magic is just a door creak away.

14. “The Door Into Summer” by The Monkees 🌞🎸🚀

Imagine you’re on the edge of a sun-drenched cliff, ready to dive into a new adventure. Got the visual? Now hit play on “The Door Into Summer.” It’s a tune that not only serenades but also sunbathes you in ‘60s nostalgia.

The Monkees, oh, the charming maestros of the musical 1960s! With this track, they hand you a golden ticket back in time. From the very first guitar strum, you’re taken on a retro roller coaster of breezy vibes and toe-tapping beats.

This isn’t just a track; it’s a sunbeam in audio form. Embrace the lyrical warmth, the essence of those easy-breezy days, and the promise of fresh starts. Feeling the winter blues? This song’s your seasonal antidote.

Craving a sunny escapade or a trip down memory lane? “The Door Into Summer” is the perfect track to turn any ordinary day into a radiant ’60s spectacle. Next time life calls for a summery tune or a gleeful leap into a new phase, remember: The Monkees have left the door wide open for you! 🌼🎧🚪

13. “House of 4 Doors, Pt. 1” by The Moody Blues 🚪🎸🔮

Dive deep into the labyrinth of music with The Moody Blues! “House of 4 Doors, Pt. 1” is not just a song, it’s an enchanted manor echoing tales from every corner. Imagine a bewitching blend of vocals and strings, like an old, cobblestoned pathway leading you into the heart of a fabled mansion.

Every strum, every note feels like turning a page of a spellbinding tome. It’s music painted with riddles and enigmas, enticing you deeper into its realm. Feeling curious? That’s the power of this song. Like an old legend waiting to be retold, it captures imagination and wraps it in melody.

Renowned for morphing rock, folk, and psychedelia, The Moody Blues crafted a universe within their tunes. “House of 4 Doors, Pt. 1” is no exception. Ready for an adventure? Step inside this house of sonic wonders and let the enchantment of The Moody Blues guide you through its corridors.

12. “Open the Door, Homer” by Thunderclap Newman 🚗🌄🎶

Picture the vast plains of Americana, every mile a story, every horizon a new possibility. “Open the Door, Homer” is your trusty compass, steering you through these tales. Fusing the heart of rock with hints of folk and blues, Thunderclap Newman offers a song that’s like a window rolled down on a summer road trip.

Crank up the volume, and instantly, you’re surrounded by the vibe of yesteryears—a blend of stirring organ tunes, catchy rhythms, and a chorus calling wanderers to the great unknown. This isn’t just music; it’s the very essence of freedom.

The title itself is like a worn-out map, pointing you toward new experiences and exciting detours. It’s an ode to embracing change, seeking out the uncharted, and painting your own journey.

In a world where every journey has a story, “Open the Door, Homer” is a timeless narrative. Whether you’re planning a cross-country escapade or simply lost in daydreams, let this track be your compass, guiding you through vast landscapes and endless adventures. With Thunderclap Newman, every road, every tune is an open invitation to explore. 🎵🚪🛣️

11. “Back Door Santa” by Clarence Carter 🎅🔥🎶

Jingle those bells with a twist! Clarence Carter’s “Back Door Santa” is a fun and frolicsome diversion from your usual holiday tunes. With Carter’s unmistakable soulful R&B vibe, this track promises to infuse some cheeky cheer into your festivities.

From the get-go, the song delights with its catchy rhythm, playful narrative, and those oh-so-hinted-at secrets Santa’s got up his sleeves. It’s not about cookies or milk left by the fireplace, but rather a Santa with more mature, mischievous deliveries!

Carter’s rich and sultry vocals playfully dance through the track, adding that zesty flair to your holiday jingles. While you might want to keep it off the family-friendly playlist, it’s perfect for those looking to have a hearty laugh or raise some eyebrows at the adults-only holiday gathering.

This season, as you deck the halls, remember to sprinkle in some zest and zing with “Back Door Santa.” After all, the holidays are all about joy, laughter, and a little bit of cheeky fun!

10. “Behind That Locked Door” by George Harrison 🚪❤️🎸

Dive deep into the emotional expanse with George Harrison’s touching “Behind That Locked Door.” It’s a song that tugs at the heartstrings, showcasing Harrison’s unparalleled ability to weave sentiments into his tunes.

As the mellow strains of the song envelop you, it’s easy to picture a quiet, intimate setting—a place of reflection, understanding, and heartfelt communication. Harrison, with his iconic guitar and soothing voice, seems to whisper secrets and shared stories directly into the listener’s ear.

The imagery of a locked door symbolizes the walls we often build around our emotions, and Harrison’s lyrics gently nudge us to let down our guard, to share, connect, and find solace in mutual understanding.

This track serves as a testament to Harrison’s soulful artistry—his knack for making personal narratives universally relatable. In a world filled with noise, “Behind That Locked Door” offers a moment of serenity, introspection, and, most importantly, connection.

So, let the gentle strains of George Harrison guide you through the corridors of emotion. Unlock that door, embrace the vulnerability, and find comfort in the shared human experience. 🗝️🚪🎶

9. “Door to Door” by Creedence Clearwater Revival 🚗🎸🌅

Buckle up and set the volume to high, because Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Door to Door” is here to take you on a rocking, rollicking journey that screams adventure at every chord.

CCR, as they’re affectionately known, has a way of embedding the soul of classic rock into every track, and “Door to Door” perfectly captures this essence. It’s like a musical map charted with vibrant guitar solos, rhythmic drum beats, and Fogerty’s unmistakably raw vocals, guiding you across unseen terrains and landscapes.

From the very first note, you can almost feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the highway stretching endlessly before you. It isn’t just a track—it’s an experience, a narrative of a nomad’s soul and the insatiable thirst for exploration.

Lyrically, the song taps into the universal desire for freedom, spontaneity, and discovery. It paints a vivid picture of life’s journey, where every destination is a fresh beginning, and the open road is both a companion and a muse.

In an era where music is often about reaching destinations—literal or metaphorical—CCR’s “Door to Door” is a tribute to the journey itself. It’s about savoring every moment, embracing the detours, and dancing through the twists and turns.

So, the next time you’re looking for a companion on your travels, be it on asphalt or in spirit, let “Door to Door” be your co-pilot. With Creedence Clearwater Revival blaring through the speakers, every journey is bound to be unforgettable.

8. “Back Door Man” by The Doors 🚪🎤🔥

Dive deep into the enigmatic realm of rock and blues with The Doors’ iconic “Back Door Man.” A track that thrums with intensity, it offers listeners an intoxicating blend of raw passion and sheer musical brilliance.

The Doors, celebrated for weaving various musical genres into an unparalleled tapestry, perfectly encapsulated the spirit of blues in this track. When you listen, it’s as if you’re in a hazy, dimly lit dive bar, feeling every beat, every pulse of the music in the very air you breathe.

But “Back Door Man” isn’t just any tune—it’s a sultry exploration into the intricate world of forbidden attractions. With Jim Morrison’s potent and haunting vocals leading the charge, you’re drawn into a narrative rife with shadows, secrets, and seductions. This track embodies the essence of what blues represent: a raw, unfiltered glimpse into the human psyche’s desires and yearnings.

“Back Door Man” speaks of clandestine affairs and the lure of the forbidden, concepts deeply rooted in the blues tradition. The Doors’ rendition elevates this tradition with their signature psychedelic twist, making it a piece both vintage and timeless.

It’s a testament to The Doors’ unparalleled musicianship that “Back Door Man” remains a staple in rock and blues. It’s a visceral experience, a call to embrace our deepest, most hidden passions without restraint.

Whether you’re an aficionado of The Doors or venturing into their discography for the first time, “Back Door Man” is a track that promises and delivers—a pure, undiluted musical thrill. It stands as a testament to The Doors’ legacy, affirming that when music is crafted with passion, it transcends time.

7. “The Door” by George Jones 🚪🎸💔

Embark on an emotional journey with George Jones’ “The Door,” a country ballad that encapsulates the very soul of the genre—a blend of heartfelt lyrics, poignant melodies, and raw, genuine emotion.

George Jones, celebrated as a titan in the world of country music, pours out his heart in “The Door.” From the very first note, you’re wrapped in the embrace of his evocative vocals—a voice that’s felt love, pain, and every emotion in between.

This song isn’t merely a track—it’s a narrative, a tale of love once cherished and now lost. Every word sung by Jones paints a vivid picture of a romance that’s come to an end, making listeners nostalgic for moments they’ve never lived.

“The Door” symbolizes more than just an exit—it represents missed chances, unspoken words, and the inevitability of goodbye. The song evokes the anguish and introspection that follow when something precious slips through our fingers.

George Jones had a unique gift. With every song, he managed to weave stories that resonate, stories that echo the complexities of love, loss, and life. “The Door” stands as a testament to this gift, a track that tugs at the heart, drawing tears and memories alike.

For anyone familiar with the intricacies of love or the pain of parting, “The Door” promises solace. It’s more than just a song—it’s a companion in moments of reflection and nostalgia. Through George Jones’ voice, the world of country music opens its arms, offering comfort to all who seek it.

6. “Behind Closed Doors” by Charlie Rich 🚪🎵💕

Journey into a realm of tenderness and passion with Charlie Rich’s celebrated ballad, “Behind Closed Doors.” A song that resonates with the intricate dance of romance, it invites listeners to savor the moments that are often hidden away from the world’s prying eyes.

Charlie Rich, celebrated for his silky voice and musical versatility, presents a gem with “Behind Closed Doors.” From the first note, listeners are whisked away into an ambiance of elegance and sophistication, a world where each musical phrase echoes the craftsmanship of this country and pop virtuoso.

However, “Behind Closed Doors” is more than just a melody. It delves into the sanctity of private moments between lovers, celebrating the sacredness of intimacy. Rich’s lyrics are like a gentle caress, speaking of undying passion and the beauty of quiet, shared moments.

The very title, “Behind Closed Doors,” speaks of the hidden treasures of intimacy, those emotions and experiences that are only revealed in the most private spaces. The song encapsulates the beauty of love that flourishes in silence, away from the world’s gaze.

The way Charlie Rich weaves emotions into his songs is what makes “Behind Closed Doors” a cherished classic across genres. His voice becomes a gentle embrace, drawing listeners into love’s intimate embrace.

Whether you’ve cherished Charlie Rich’s music for years or are just discovering his rich legacy, “Behind Closed Doors” stands as an ode to love’s quiet moments. It’s a testament to the timeless power of music to articulate the language of the heart with grace and profundity.

5. “Open the Door” by Otis Redding 🚪🎶🔥

Step into the vibrant world of soul with the inimitable Otis Redding and his stirring rendition of “Open the Door.” This track beckons listeners to embark on an emotional odyssey, where each note resonates with the depth and passion of Redding’s unparalleled vocal brilliance.

Known widely as the “King of Soul,” Otis Redding’s legacy in the musical universe is marked by fervent performances and immortal tunes. “Open the Door” stands as a shining beacon of his artistry, illustrating his innate ability to breathe life and emotion into his songs.

From the very onset, listeners are enveloped in Redding’s soulful embrace. His voice, rich and textured, speaks volumes, expressing love, longing, and the many facets of human emotion. With “Open the Door,” it feels as if Redding himself is reaching out, singing directly to your soul.

Beyond its melodic beauty, “Open the Door” is an ode to love’s complexities. Through heartfelt lyrics, Redding speaks of reconciliation, understanding, and the deep yearning that comes with emotional distances. The title itself serves as both a metaphorical and literal plea, a call to open one’s heart to the possibilities of love and healing.

Otis Redding’s genius lies in his ability to touch the core of the human experience. “Open the Door” is but one of his many masterpieces that continue to echo across generations, captivating hearts anew.

For those who have been enthralled by soul music for ages or those just setting foot in its rich expanse, “Open the Door” by Otis Redding remains a musical experience par excellence. It reaffirms the timeless truth that music, especially when crafted with such raw emotion, holds the power to heal, to touch, and to inspire.

4. “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” by Creedence Clearwater Revival 🚪🎶🌞

Step into a world brimming with joy and nostalgia with Creedence Clearwater Revival’s iconic track, “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.” This buoyant classic is a passport to a realm where imagination reigns supreme and every note promises an adventure.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, renowned for their masterful fusion of rock, folk, and southern blues, gift listeners with this luminous track. From its opening chords, it sweeps you off your feet, setting your spirit soaring with its infectious beat and radiant energy.

But “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” isn’t merely a tune; it’s an auditory expedition into the vast expanse of youthful wonder. John Fogerty’s unmistakable voice, coupled with the jubilant instrumentation, paints a picture of dreamlike escapades, akin to drifting through the vibrant pages of a childhood storybook.

With lyrics that evoke a cascade of fantastical imagery, the song beckons you to step into a world where the mundane blossoms into the magical. It’s a testament to the beauty of letting go, cherishing the present, and reveling in the limitless bounds of imagination.

Creedence Clearwater Revival’s prowess in encapsulating the essence of life’s fleeting, joyful moments is brilliantly showcased in “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.” The song serves as a melodious throwback to times when the world was awash with wonder, and every sunrise held the promise of a new adventure.

For anyone seeking a burst of joy or a trip down memory lane, “Lookin’ Out My Back Door” is the song to play. It encapsulates the magic of music’s power to whisk listeners away to sunnier climes, where worries are forgotten, and laughter echoes in the wind.

3. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan 🚪🎶🌌

Venture into the depths of introspection and the vast expanse of the human spirit with Bob Dylan’s poignant track, “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.” This song stands as a bridge connecting the mortal realm to profound existential reflections.

Bob Dylan, the illustrious figure who’s carved an indelible mark in the annals of folk and rock, offers this evocative masterpiece that has stirred souls for generations. As you lose yourself in the embrace of Dylan’s iconic voice, it becomes a vessel of meditation, introspection, and wisdom.

“Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” however, is not just a melody; it’s a philosophical delve into the nature of life, the enigma of mortality, and the quest for serenity in the face of the inevitable. The lyrics resonate with profound contemplation, nudging listeners to grapple with the grandeur of existence and the ephemeral nature of life.

The very title, “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” symbolizes a universal rite of passage, encapsulating the moment of standing at life’s precipice, poised to confront the mysteries of the cosmos. It’s a reminder of our shared human journey, an odyssey filled with questions, hope, and the eternal quest for understanding.

Bob Dylan’s innate gift to weave profound truths into lyrical tapestries sets “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” apart as a timeless classic. His tales and melodies resonate deeply, offering solace and insight into the intricacies of the human experience.

Whether you’ve been enchanted by Bob Dylan for decades or are just starting to uncover the layers of his profound musical journey, “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” stands as a beacon. It serves as a testament to music’s unparalleled ability to provide refuge, stir souls, and ponder the universe’s vast mysteries.

2. “Swinging Doors” by Merle Haggard 🚪🎶💔

Step foot into the realm of classic country and the tales of heartache with Merle Haggard’s iconic track, “Swinging Doors.” This song is an ode to the trials of love and the solace sometimes sought in the amber lights of a bar.

Merle Haggard, the embodiment of authentic country music, showcases this song with an unmatched blend of genuine emotion and raw storytelling. From its opening strains, it feels as though you’ve walked into a world where every sip of whiskey hides a story and every glance speaks of past regrets.

“Swinging Doors” is more than just a tune; it’s a visceral reflection of the trials of the heart, painted with the brush of neon lights and the echoes of old jukeboxes. Haggard’s words dive deep into the human psyche, revealing the poignant moments where choices made in the shadows cast long-lasting ripples.

The titular “Swinging Doors” serve as a metaphor for the fleeting and transient nature of emotions, love, and people in the world of honky-tonks. Every entry and exit is symbolic of opportunities taken or missed, and the cyclical dance of hopes and disappointments.

Haggard’s prowess in capturing the pulse of real-life stories and the myriad emotions they entail has elevated “Swinging Doors” to a revered status in the country music pantheon. He voices the highs and lows, the laughter and tears, in a way only he can.

For those acquainted with the soul-stirring world of classic country or those just stepping in, “Swinging Doors” offers a rich tableau of life’s myriad hues. It stands as a testament to music’s timeless ability to resonate, and Haggard’s rendition ensures it hits right where the heart beats.

1. “Let My Love Open The Door” by Pete Townshend 🚪🎶❤️

Dive into the boundless ocean of love and its healing embrace with Pete Townshend’s radiant song, “Let My Love Open The Door.” It’s a melodic reminder of love’s magic and its capacity to transform.

Pete Townshend, celebrated for his legendary contributions with The Who, presents this song with an infectious energy and a hopeful message. From the very outset, Townshend’s iconic voice becomes a beacon, signaling love’s transformative power.

“Let My Love Open The Door” is not merely a melody; it’s a euphoric declaration of love’s capability to conquer challenges and be the balm to life’s wounds. The lyrics echo a promise of unwavering support and the strength that true love offers.

The title stands as an enduring affirmation of love’s expansive nature. It emphasizes the idea that love can be the key to unlocking the deepest chambers of the heart, offering solace and kindling hope even in the darkest hours.

Pete Townshend’s artistry in encapsulating love’s profound dimensions through this track ensures its place in the annals of timeless music. His genius has consistently woven tales that resonate across different souls and eras.

If you’re an admirer of Pete Townshend or merely on the lookout for a melody that embodies the essence of love’s warmth and potency, “Let My Love Open The Door” is the perfect symphony. It stands as a beautiful reminder of music’s innate power to elevate and heal, and Townshend delivers this sentiment with unparalleled elegance.

Best Songs About Doors 2

Closing the Door on Our Musical Odyssey

Our musical journey through songs about doors has taken us through a myriad of emotions, symbolisms, and stories.

In each song, doors have emerged not just as physical gateways, but as profound symbols of change, opportunity, memories, and the myriad thresholds we encounter in life. They’ve mirrored the spectrum of human experience, from joy and love to reflection and loss.

From Merle Haggard’s poignant tales to Pete Townshend’s uplifting anthems, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of music to lend voice to universal experiences. These melodies, regardless of era or genre, underscore the timeless nature of music and its capacity to speak to every heart.

As this melodious journey reaches its end, may these songs continue to resonate in your heart, serving as companions in your life’s adventures. Every door, like a song, offers endless possibilities, beckoning us to embrace the myriad hues of life.

So, let the harmonies remain, the words inspire, and always keep the doors ajar to the captivating world of melodies.

Have a favorite song we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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