17 Best Songs About Asia

Table of Contents

17. 🎶 “Japanese Boy” by Aneka: A Dive into an 80s Pop Hit 🌸

16. 🎶 “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel: An Asian Connection in a Global Tune 🔥

15. 🎶 “Tokyo” by Thundercat: An Electrifying Ode to the Neon City! 🌃

14. 🎶 “Go West” by The Village People: An Unexpected Asian Link? 🌏

13. 🎶 “Holiday in Cambodia” by Dead Kennedys: Punk, Politics, and a Provocative Take on Asia! 🎸🌏

12. 🎶 “The Road to Mandalay” by Robbie Williams: An Enigmatic Journey Through Asia’s Heart! 🛵🌏

11.🎶 “Tokyo” by The Wombats: Indie Vibes with a Touch of Neon! 🎸🌃

10. 🎶 “Far East Man” by George Harrison: Spiritual Strings and Soulful Serenades! 🎸🌏

9. 🎶 “Kyoto Song” by The Cure: Synth-pop Surrealism Meets the Spirit of Japan! 🎧🏯

8. 🎶 “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and the Banshees: Punk Vibes Meet the Pulse of Asia! 🎸🏮

7. 🎶 “Bangla Desh” by George Harrison: Heartfelt Plea Meets Rock & Roll! 🎸🌏

6. 🎶 “China” by Tori Amos: Piano Magic Meets Emotional Geography! 🎹🐉

5. 🎶 “One Night in Bangkok” from Chess: Neon Lights, Nightlife, and… Chess? 🌃🎵👑

4. 🎶 “Bali Ha’i” from South Pacific: Island Dreams, Tropical Tunes, and Broadway Magic! 🌴🌺🎭

3. 🎶 “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors: New Wave Vibes, Cultural Curiosity, and an 80s Anthem! 🎸🇯🇵🎤

2. 🎶 “China Girl” by David Bowie: Glam Rock, Enigmatic Lyrics, and a Global Romance! 🎸🌏🎤

1. 🎶 “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin: Rocking the Himalayas with Legendary Beats! 🎸🏔️🎤

In Conclusion: Embracing the Diversity Through Songs About Asia 🌟

🎧 Songs About Asia: A Melodic Journey Through the Continent’s Rich Tapestry! 🌏

🎧 Welcome to the Rhythms of the East! 🌏

When music and travel intertwine, they transport us to places beyond our wildest imaginations.

Across bustling markets in Bangkok, serene temples in Kyoto, to the majestic Himalayan peaks — every note captures a story, an emotion, a memory.

As we embark on this melodious journey, we’ll explore the most iconic songs about Asia that have left an indelible mark on the global soundscape.

From pop anthems to rock classics, these tunes not only resonate with the beauty and diversity of the continent but also with the heartbeats of its people.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler, a music aficionado, or someone seeking a new auditory adventure, tighten your seatbelts because the songs about Asia are about to take you on an unparalleled sonic odyssey! 🎶🌟

17. 🎶 “Japanese Boy” by Aneka: A Dive into an 80s Pop Hit 🌸

📜 Brief Overview:

“Japanese Boy” was a chart-topping hit in the 1980s, a catchy tune that had everyone humming along.

Aneka, a Scottish singer, captured the hearts of listeners with this earworm, transporting them to a story of lost love in the land of the rising sun 🌅.

🎵 Musical Vibes:

Drenched in synths and characteristic of the 80s sound, “Japanese Boy” was all about those groovy melodies.

You could find yourself swaying to its infectious chorus even if you heard it for the first time 🕺.

It’s a musical time capsule, echoing the neon and disco lights of the era 🎹.

🖌 Lyrical Content:

At its heart, “Japanese Boy” is a tale of heartbreak 💔.

Aneka sings of a love gone missing, presumed to have returned to his homeland, leaving her mystified and forlorn.

While the song is undeniably catchy, there’s a poignant story underneath those peppy beats.

🌐 Cultural Impact:

Now, it’s essential to approach “Japanese Boy” with a critical ear 🎧.

While celebrated for its catchy tune, the song is a product of its time.

Some listeners might find its portrayal a bit stereotypical by today’s standards.

However, it undeniably left its mark, becoming one of the emblematic sounds of the 80s and adding to the West’s growing fascination with Asia.

💃 Why It Still Resonates:

Decades later, “Japanese Boy” remains a nostalgic favorite for many. Its blend of lively beats and emotive lyrics makes it a standout, reminding us of the universality of love and loss.

Whether you’re rediscovering old hits or exploring the gems of the past, Aneka’s song guarantees a memorable trip down the musical lanes of Asia 🌏.

In conclusion, while “Japanese Boy” offers a blend of love, longing, and lively tunes, it’s always a good idea to enjoy such classics with an awareness of the cultural contexts they emerge from.

Dive into this song and many others as you journey through the best songs about Asia 🎼.

16. 🎶 “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel: An Asian Connection in a Global Tune 🔥

📜 A Quick Intro:

Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is nothing short of an anthem.

Racing through decades of historical events, this iconic track captures the pulse of the 20th century.

And among its many global references, there’s a nod to Asia that can’t be missed 🌏.

🎵 Catchy Melodies, Deep History:

Billy Joel masterfully crafts a song that’s both a musical treat and a history lesson 📚.

Each line of the chorus is like flipping through pages of a time-worn book, and amidst these lines, songs about Asia find their representation.

🖌 Unpacking the Lyrics:

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” mentions a myriad of events and figures, and Asia certainly wasn’t left out.

From the “Red China” reference to the “Dien Bien Phu falls” event, Joel shines a light on significant moments that shaped Asian history during the 20th century.

It’s a testament to the continent’s profound impact on global events 🌟.

🌐 The Bigger Picture:

In the grand scheme of the song, the Asian references paint a larger narrative.

Joel doesn’t just list events; he shows the interconnectedness of world events.

The Asian landmarks in the lyrics underscore the continent’s pivotal role in global affairs and its entwined history with the West 🌍.

🕺 Why It’s Still A Hit:

Fast-paced, filled with energy, and brimming with knowledge, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is a song that never gets old.

For those intrigued by songs about Asia, this Billy Joel classic is a great starting point.

It’s a doorway to delve deeper into the stories behind the lyrics, exploring Asia’s intricate tapestry of history and culture 🎤.

Wrapping it up, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” isn’t just about catchy hooks.

It’s a song that prompts listeners to think, question, and learn.

So, the next time it comes on, let it take you on a whirlwind journey through the defining moments of the last century, with Asia standing proud and central in its narrative 🌟.

15. 🎶 “Tokyo” by Thundercat: An Electrifying Ode to the Neon City! 🌃

📜 Dive into the Beat:

Thundercat, with his funky bass lines and whimsical lyricism, takes us on a vibrant joyride through Tokyo in his aptly named song.

“Tokyo” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience, an eclectic journey through one of Asia’s most iconic cities 🚄.

🎵 Groovy Tunes & Neon Dreams:

Picture this: bass-driven grooves 🎸, electrifying riffs, and the shimmering essence of Tokyo nights.

That’s “Tokyo” in a nutshell.

Thundercat encapsulates the city’s pulsating life, making listeners feel like they’re wandering through Tokyo’s bustling streets and colorful alleys 🌆.

🖌 Lyrics that Paint a Picture:

Sushi, Godzilla, anime, and more! 🍣🦖📺

Thundercat’s lyrical landscape in “Tokyo” is every bit a tribute to the city’s pop culture.

It’s a quirky, heartfelt nod to the things that make Tokyo, well, Tokyo!

Every line is a burst of energy, echoing the artist’s personal love for the city and its offerings.

🌐 More than Just a Song:

“Tokyo” isn’t just one of those songs about Asia.

It’s an intimate peep into Thundercat’s heart, showcasing his genuine fascination with Japanese culture 🇯🇵.

The track is a reminder of the mutual admiration and cultural exchanges that music can foster across continents.

🕺 Why “Tokyo” is a Must-Listen:

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of Asia-inspired tracks or just looking for a tune to bob your head to, “Tokyo” by Thundercat is your jam! 🎧

It’s a kaleidoscope of emotions, rhythm, and vivid imagery.

So, buckle up and let Thundercat be your tour guide to this Asian megacity!

In conclusion, “Tokyo” is more than just a musical number; it’s a celebration of a city and its cultural wonders.

As you groove to its beats, you’ll find yourself teleported to the heart of Asia, with Tokyo’s neon lights guiding your dance moves.

Ready to jam? 🎤🕺🚀

14. 🎶 “Go West” by The Village People: An Unexpected Asian Link? 🌏

📜 Disco Down the Memory Lane:

Ahoy there, disco fans! 🕺

Remember the groovy beats of “Go West” by The Village People?

This infectious 70s hit isn’t just about moving westward; it’s got an unexpected connection to our theme of songs about Asia!

🎵 That Unmistakable Beat:

Decked out in their iconic costumes, The Village People delivered a song that was all about seeking new horizons and chasing dreams.

And while “Go West” is a foot-tapping celebration 🎉, its significance transcends its catchy chorus.

🖌 Diving into the Lyrics:

While the lyrics don’t directly shout out Tokyo or Beijing, the song’s core message is universal – the quest for a better life, new opportunities, and brighter futures 🌅.

Asia, with its fusion of ancient traditions and rapid modernization, embodies this spirit of seeking, striving, and soaring!

🌐 Between the Lines:

The title “Go West” might evoke images of the American frontier, but think about it. Isn’t the idea of venturing into the unknown, be it west or east, applicable everywhere?

Asia’s meteoric rise and allure could very well be a modern interpretation of this disco classic’s message 💡.

💃 Why We’re Grooving to It:

“Go West” is an anthem of hope and optimism.

In our quest for the best songs about Asia, this track reminds us that themes of exploration and aspiration are universal 🌍.

Whether you’re headed west or setting your sights on the mesmerizing landscapes of Asia, this song is your energetic travel buddy!

In a nutshell, “Go West” is a blast from the past with relevance that spans continents and decades.

As its beats echo, one thing’s for sure – the sun might set in the west, but it rises in the mighty east!

Ready to dance your way through Asia’s vibrant tapestry with this classic track? 🎵🎤🌞

13. 🎶 “Holiday in Cambodia” by Dead Kennedys: Punk, Politics, and a Provocative Take on Asia! 🎸🌏

📜 Punk Meets Satire:

Hold onto your mohawks, punk rock aficionados! 🤘

Dive into the gritty, raw energy of Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia”.

Far from a traditional holiday jingle, this punk rock powerhouse serves up a potent mix of biting satire and commentary on the Asian landscape of the 70s.

🎵 Riffs, Rants, and Radical Beats:

Boasting edgy guitar riffs and Jello Biafra’s unmistakable vocals, this song is the antithesis of your beachside holiday playlist. 🏖️❌.

But what makes it stand out is its unapologetic dive into the sociopolitical climate of Cambodia during its tumultuous past.

🖌 Lyrics Laced with Irony:

“Songs about Asia” don’t get much more intense than this!

“Holiday in Cambodia” is a stark commentary on the Pol Pot regime and the West’s perception of it.

It juxtaposes the bleak reality of Cambodia with the naiveté and privileged perspective of many Westerners 🎭.

🌐 Controversy & Conversations:

Dead Kennedys never shied away from stirring the pot, and this song was no exception.

It pushed listeners to confront and question their understanding of global issues 🌍, especially concerning Asia.

While its approach is heavy-handed, its intention is clear: to jolt audiences out of complacency.

🎤 Why This Song’s a Game Changer:

Love it or loathe it, “Holiday in Cambodia” leaves an impact!

It’s a slap of punk-infused reality that forces a reflection on global ignorance and the often harsh realities of life in parts of Asia 🚀.

Buckle up, because this isn’t just a song – it’s a history lesson, a challenge, and a call to awareness all rolled into one!

Wrapping it up, Dead Kennedys’ audacious take on Cambodia isn’t your typical holiday tune, but it’s a headbanger that packs a punch!

As we dance through songs about Asia, this one’s a wild roller coaster you won’t want to miss.

Are you ready for the ride? 🎢🔥🎸

12. 🎶 “The Road to Mandalay” by Robbie Williams: An Enigmatic Journey Through Asia’s Heart! 🛵🌏

📜 Pop Meets Mystique:

All aboard the Robbie express! 🚂

When it comes to chart-topping hits with a touch of Asian allure, “The Road to Mandalay” stands out in the crowd.

Through Williams’ soulful voice, we’re transported to the enchanting streets of Mandalay, all while swaying to pop beats!

🎵 A Melodic Adventure:

Imagine shimmering sunsets, bustling markets, and a love story unfolding amidst Myanmar’s backdrop.

This isn’t your typical pop fare; it’s a musical passport to Southeast Asia’s hidden gem! 🎤✨

🖌 Unraveling the Lyrics:

The song, while romantic in essence, has layers to unpeel.

Robbie doesn’t just serenade a lover; he captures the essence of Mandalay – its beauty, mystique, and the longing it evokes.

It’s as if he’s whispering sweet nothings not just to a person, but to a place 💖🏞.

🌐 Mandalay in the Pop Culture:

While the actual inspiration behind the song remains a topic of speculation, Robbie Williams managed to put Mandalay on the map for many of his fans 🌍.

In the vast expanse of songs about Asia, this one sings praises of Myanmar’s timeless charm.

🎧 Why We’re Totally Vibing with It:

Robbie’s “The Road to Mandalay” is more than a catchy chorus; it’s a love letter to Mandalay!

Whether you’re a die-hard Robbie fan, an Asian culture enthusiast, or someone hunting for tunes with a twist, this track is bound to find its way to your playlist 🎼❤️.

In wrapping this up, Robbie Williams’ melodic journey to Mandalay isn’t just a road trip; it’s an odyssey of love, wonder, and musical brilliance!

As you tap your feet and lose yourself in its rhythm, you’ll find a piece of Asia’s soul right there in the song. So, got your bags packed for Mandalay yet? 🛄🎵🌅

11.🎶 “Tokyo” by The Wombats: Indie Vibes with a Touch of Neon! 🎸🌃

📜 Indie Anthems and Asian Adventures:

Heads up, indie lovers! 🎧

When The Wombats croon about Tokyo, you just know it’s going to be a whimsical ride.

Combining the thrill of city lights with infectious beats, “Tokyo” is your go-to jam for a taste of Asia’s bustling vibe!

🎵 An Energetic Serenade:

With guitar riffs that scream adventure and lyrics that paint vivid imagery, The Wombats encapsulate the intoxicating allure of Tokyo.

It’s as if the Shibuya crossing and Tokyo Tower come alive in musical notes 🌉🎸.

🖌 Lyrics that Spark Wanderlust:

“Tokyo, Tokyo – the neon lights make all the daily strife worthwhile!” 🎶.

The band doesn’t just sing about Tokyo; they immerse you in its essence, capturing the euphoria and sometimes overwhelming sensations of the metropolis.

🌐 East Meets West in Perfect Harmony:

In a pool of songs about Asia, The Wombats give us a perfect blend of Western indie rock vibes with the magnetic pull of Eastern cities.

It’s a cultural dance, and trust us, you’ll want in! 🕺💃

🎤 Why It’s More Than Just Another Song:

This isn’t just a track; it’s a sentiment.

It encapsulates that feeling of being lost yet invigorated in a foreign city.

Every chord strikes a chord with anyone who’s felt the thrill of wanderlust in Asia 🌏❤️.

In conclusion, with “Tokyo”, The Wombats don’t just give us a song; they give us an experience.

It’s a wild, indie ride through neon streets, beckoning skyscrapers, and a city that never sleeps.

Buckle up, because this musical journey to Tokyo promises endless excitement and fun!

Ready to rock ‘n’ roll in Tokyo’s embrace? 🚀🎤🎶

10. 🎶 “Far East Man” by George Harrison: Spiritual Strings and Soulful Serenades! 🎸🌏

📜 The Beatle’s Eastern Embrace:

Sitars at the ready, music enthusiasts! 🎵

Dive deep into George Harrison’s enchanting “Far East Man”.

Coming from a Beatle who was always fascinated by the East, this track is an epitome of his profound connection with Asia.

🎵 The Soundscape of Serenity:

Harrison’s melodic guitar strains fuse effortlessly with elements reminiscent of the East.

The result?

A tranquil tune that transports you straight to misty Himalayan peaks and the serene banks of the Ganges! 🏞️

🖌 Lyrics with Depth and Dimension:

In our playlist of songs about Asia, it’s crucial to remember George’s broader narrative.

His frequent pilgrimages to India, deep dive into meditation, and close association with Ravi Shankar speak volumes of his love for the East. 🌍❤️

🎤 Why This Track Transcends Time:

“Far East Man” isn’t just a song; it’s an ethos.

It encapsulates Harrison’s vision of a world where East and West don’t just meet but meld, harmonizing in the truest sense.

Every note resonates with unity, understanding, and universal love. 🌟

Concluding our musical sojourn, “Far East Man” stands tall as a beacon of George Harrison’s profound appreciation of and bond with Asia.

It’s not just about catchy chords; it’s about the essence of unity in diversity.

So, as you plug in and lose yourself in the melodies, let the spirit of the East wash over you.

Ready for an enriching ride? 🚀🎤🌄

9. 🎶 “Kyoto Song” by The Cure: Synth-pop Surrealism Meets the Spirit of Japan! 🎧🏯

📜 An 80s Dive into Dreamy Kyoto:

Electro-pop enthusiasts, get ready for a treat! 🎵

The Cure’s “Kyoto Song” is a mesmerizing blend of haunting melodies and the mystical aura of Japan’s former capital.

🎵 Synth Dreams and Sonic Landscapes:

Floating on waves of enigmatic synths and haunting vocals, “Kyoto Song” isn’t just a tune – it’s an atmospheric experience!

Think traditional tea houses, serene zen gardens, and a touch of The Cure’s signature moody vibes 🍵🌸.

🖌 Painting Pictures with Lyrics:

Robert Smith doesn’t just sing; he narrates an eerie tale.

His lyrics evoke mysterious nights in Kyoto, with “sirens and the distant sounds of the city”.

It’s a poetic tribute to the juxtaposition of Kyoto’s calm spirit and urban undertones. 🌃🏞

🌐 An Indie Love Letter to Asia:

In a universe of songs about asia, “Kyoto Song” offers an alternative indie look into Japan’s heart.

It’s less about pop culture and more about capturing the ethereal essence of Kyoto – both its darkness and light. 🌓

🎤 Why This Song Echoes in Our Ears:

“Kyoto Song” stands out for its ability to transport listeners.

You aren’t just hearing about Kyoto – you’re there, walking its streets, lost in its allure.

Every beat is a step, every lyric a shadowy alley or glowing lantern.

It’s a journey like no other! 🎼🎎

Closing the curtain, “Kyoto Song” is a testament to The Cure’s brilliance, capturing the soul of a city in just a few minutes of melodious magic.

For those seeking a different side of Asia – one wrapped in mystique and music – this track promises an unforgettable escape.

Ready to journey through the streets of Kyoto with The Cure? 🚀🎤🎶

8. 🎶 “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and the Banshees: Punk Vibes Meet the Pulse of Asia! 🎸🏮

📜 Punk’s Unique Nod to Asia:

Punk rock fanatics, assemble! 🤘

Siouxsie and the Banshees’ iconic track “Hong Kong Garden” is a scintillating mesh of fierce punk rhythms with a sprinkle of Asian-inspired allure.

🎵 Ear-catching Oriental Melodies:

Kicking off with distinctive gong sounds, “Hong Kong Garden” instantly sets the scene, melding the Banshees’ trademark post-punk vibe with instruments evoking the East.

Imagine a punk rock gig amidst bustling Hong Kong streets – and you’re right there! 🌆🎤

🖌 A Kaleidoscope of Lyrics:

While the song doesn’t dwell deeply into Hong Kong’s essence, its title and melodic undertones offer a nod to the East.

It’s a captivating fusion, reflective of the global influences sweeping through the late 70s music scene. 🌍🎶

🌐 A Punk Portrait of Asia:

Among the vibrant tapestry of songs about asia, “Hong Kong Garden” stands as a testament to the era’s experimentation.

Asia’s exotica meets Britain’s punk scene – and what a rendezvous it is! 🇬🇧🇭🇰

🎧 Why We’re Totally Grooving to It:

Beyond its infectious rhythm, this track piques curiosity.

It beckons listeners to explore the story behind its creation, further cementing its place as an intriguing piece in the world of Asian-inspired Western music. 🎼🔍

In wrapping up, “Hong Kong Garden” takes you on a punktastic journey, infusing raw energy with hints of the Orient.

For those yearning for a unique, edgy musical representation of Asia, Siouxsie and her Banshees have got you covered!

So, are your punk rock boots laced up for a wild ride through the “Hong Kong Garden”? 🚀🎸🎉

7. 🎶 “Bangla Desh” by George Harrison: Heartfelt Plea Meets Rock & Roll! 🎸🌏

📜 A Beatle’s Compassionate Cry:

Hold onto your heartstrings, rock aficionados! 🎧

George Harrison’s “Bangla Desh” isn’t just another song; it’s a soul-stirring call to action, inspired by real-life events in South Asia.

🎵 Strumming for Solidarity:

With fervent guitar riffs and Harrison’s emotive voice, “Bangla Desh” echoes the urgency and pain of a nation in distress.

It’s a testament to the power of music in highlighting global issues. 🎼🌍

🖌 Lyrics that Echo Reality:

“Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh, where so many people are dying fast”.

Through candid lyrics, Harrison painted the harrowing scenario of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War and its aftermath, reaching out for global empathy and aid. 🇧🇩❤️

🌐 A Global Stage for Asia’s Plight:

Amid the plethora of songs about asia, “Bangla Desh” stands out as a groundbreaking charity single.

It not only highlights a pivotal moment in Asian history but also set the stage for future benefit concerts like Live Aid. 🎤🌟

🎧 More Than Just Music:

This track reminds us that songs can be so much more than melodies.

They can inspire change, mobilize support, and spread love.

“Bangla Desh” did just that, by raising awareness and funds for Bangladesh during a critical time. 🙌💰

In conclusion, “Bangla Desh” is an enduring legacy of George Harrison’s humanitarian spirit.

Harnessing the universal language of music, he showcased the trials of a nation and urged the world to act.

So, as you jam to this rock classic, let it remind you of the transformative power of art and empathy. Ready for a rockin’ rendezvous with history? 🚀🎸🎉

6. 🎶 “China” by Tori Amos: Piano Magic Meets Emotional Geography! 🎹🐉

📜 A Tori Tour de Force:

Pop those headphones on, music lovers! 🎧

“China” by Tori Amos is an emotional odyssey, delicately balancing between love’s intimacy and the vastness of the world’s largest continent.

🎵 The Musical Palette:

Tori’s signature piano cascades envelop listeners, painting a soundscape as vast and varied as the terrain of China itself.

With every key, you’re gently drifting over misty mountains and serene landscapes 🎼🏞.

🖌 Emotional Cartography in Lyrics:

“Sometimes I think you want me to touch you… But there’s a distance I can’t seem to cross.”

Through heartfelt words, Amos explores the metaphorical distance between two lovers, as vast as the space between Cornwall and China.

It’s love, loss, and longing on a continental scale. 🌏❤️

🌐 From Intimate Whispers to Asian Expanse:

Within the songs about asia spectrum, “China” offers a beautifully introspective perspective.

It’s not just about a place, but about spaces – both physical and emotional – that can separate us, even when we’re close. 🌌👥

🎧 The Tori Touch:

Amos, with her soulful voice and evocative storytelling, turns a song about distance into a touching testament to the human experience.

Every note feels like a whisper, a secret shared across continents. 🌍🎤

Wrapping up, “China” is more than just a song; it’s a journey.

Tori Amos masterfully transports us across continents, through hearts, and into the very soul of human connection.

So, are you packed and ready for an enchanting musical voyage with Tori? 🚀🎶🌟

5. 🎶 “One Night in Bangkok” from Chess: Neon Lights, Nightlife, and… Chess? 🌃🎵👑

📜 When Broadway Meets Bangkok:

Fasten your seat belts, theater buffs and pop lovers alike! 🎭

“One Night in Bangkok” isn’t your usual musical number.

With an electrifying beat, it paints a vivid picture of Thailand’s bustling capital amidst an unexpected backdrop: a chess tournament!

🎵 Synth-Pop Meets Showtunes:

Dive into a world where synthesizers meld with Broadway brilliance.

The catchy chorus and infectious beat will have you dancing, while the intricate lyrics showcase Bangkok in all its complexity.

It’s an East-meets-West musical mashup! 💃🎼

🖌 Story Behind the Song:

The track narrates the ambivalence of a chess grandmaster.

As he navigates the hedonistic delights of Bangkok, he’s also engrossed in the cerebral world of chess.

“I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine!” – talk about juxtaposition! 🎲🏙️

🌐 Bangkok Beyond the Stereotypes:

Diving deep into songs about asia, “One Night in Bangkok” offers a multifaceted look at the city.

From temples to nightlife, it captures the allure and contradictions of this Asian megacity, ensuring you see beyond the usual clichés. 🌆🕌

🎧 Why This Song’s a Checkmate:

This number from Chess perfectly encapsulates the exhilaration and overwhelming sensations of being in a foreign city.

Plus, how many songs can claim to make a chess tournament sound so… exhilarating? 🤩🎤

In summary, “One Night in Bangkok” offers a pulsating, neon-lit journey into the heart of Asia’s City of Angels.

Whether you’re a chess enthusiast, a music lover, or just someone looking for a wild ride, this track promises an unforgettable trip.

So, ready to take on Bangkok with this show-stopping number? 🚀🎶🕺

4. 🎶 “Bali Ha’i” from South Pacific: Island Dreams, Tropical Tunes, and Broadway Magic! 🌴🌺🎭

📜 When Broadway Goes Beachside:

Grab your coconuts and hula skirts, theater enthusiasts! 🍹🌸

“Bali Ha’i” from the classic musical South Pacific is here to transport you to an idyllic, mysterious island paradise with just a few musical notes.

🎵 Lush Orchestrations and Mystical Melodies:

Feel the gentle sway of palm trees and the whisper of island secrets with this dreamy melody.

Every note captures the enigmatic allure of Bali Ha’i, making you yearn for a tropical escape. 🎼🏝️

🖌 The Lure of Bali Ha’i:

Through the inviting voice of Bloody Mary, the song beckons listeners to a special island visible on the horizon yet elusive in reach.

“Bali Ha’i may call you, any night, any day.”

The song’s lyrics beautifully encapsulate the allure of places we long for but haven’t yet explored. 🌍🌟

🌐 A Pacific Paradise in Song:

In the vast treasure trove of songs about asia, “Bali Ha’i” stands as a gem, reflecting the enchantment of Asian-Pacific isles.

It’s a love letter to the mystique and beauty of a world waiting just beyond the shore. 🌊💌

🎧 A Broadway Serenade to Island Magic:

Beyond its obvious musical charm, “Bali Ha’i” is a reminder of the allure of the unknown.

It promises adventure, romance, and a touch of the otherworldly, all wrapped up in a Broadway bow. 🌟🎤

To sum it up, “Bali Ha’i” is the epitome of musical escapism.

It invites, it tantalizes, and it enchants, all while making you feel the warm tropical breeze on your face.

So, are you ready to set sail to the mysterious shores of Bali Ha’i with this captivating number? 🚀🎶🌺🛶

3. 🎶 “Turning Japanese” by The Vapors: New Wave Vibes, Cultural Curiosity, and an 80s Anthem! 🎸🇯🇵🎤

📜 New Wave Nostalgia:

Dust off those vinyl records and rewind to the 80s! 🕰️🎙️

“Turning Japanese” by The Vapors is that catchy tune you’ve hummed more times than you’d admit.

But did you ever pause to ponder its place among songs about asia?

🎵 Infectious Riffs and Relentless Beats:

Get ready for a ride on the New Wave rollercoaster!

With its jangly guitars and distinctive riff, this song embodies the upbeat and experimental spirit of the 80s.

One listen and it’s hard not to tap your feet or play air guitar! 🎸🥁

🖌 Decoding the Lyrics:

While its title might suggest a strong Asian influence, the song doesn’t actually delve deep into Japanese culture.

Rather, the phrase “Turning Japanese” is symbolic, hinting at the idea of obsession and changing oneself.

Always remember: not everything is as literal as it seems! 😉🎶

🌐 East Meets West… Kind of:

In the world of songs about asia, “Turning Japanese” stands out – not for its cultural exploration but for its ambiguous melding of Western music with a sprinkling of Eastern intrigue.

It’s a quirky blend of pop culture, and it’s oh-so-80s! 💿🌏

🎧 Why It’s Still a Bop:

Love it or ponder its meaning, there’s no denying the infectious energy of “Turning Japanese”.

It’s one of those tracks that encapsulate a musical era while making you wonder, dance, and sing along all at once. 🎤💃

In conclusion, “Turning Japanese” is more than just a catchy chorus; it’s a quirky dive into the world of New Wave with a touch of Asian allure.

Whether you’re here for the beat, the nostalgia, or the cultural conversation, this track’s got you covered. Ready to rock out 80s style? 🚀🎶🤘📻

2. 🎶 “China Girl” by David Bowie: Glam Rock, Enigmatic Lyrics, and a Global Romance! 🎸🌏🎤

📜 Bowie’s Global Beats:

Hop onto the Bowie express and get ready for a trip around the world! 🚂🌍

“China Girl” isn’t just a song; it’s a cultural odyssey wrapped up in glam rock brilliance.

Strap in, fellow Bowie enthusiasts; we’re diving deep into the realm of songs about asia.

🎵 Sultry Sounds and Poetic Puzzles:

From its unmistakable opening chords to its haunting refrain, “China Girl” has all the hallmarks of a Bowie classic.

The song is sultry, captivating, and just a little bit mysterious—just like the man himself. 🎵🎩

🖌 Behind Those Mesmerizing Lyrics:

There’s depth to “China Girl” that transcends its title.

While the song teases with themes of infatuation and cultural intersection, it’s also a poetic exploration of power dynamics and vulnerability.

And in typical Bowie style, there’s room for interpretation, leaving listeners to paint their own story. 🎨🎼

🌐 From Berlin to Beijing:

“China Girl” may wear its Asian inspiration on its sleeve, but did you know it was co-written during Bowie’s Berlin days with Iggy Pop?

This global collaboration only adds to the rich tapestry of the song, making it a true world-beater in songs about asia. 🌐🎸

🎧 Forever Bowie:

“China Girl” encapsulates Bowie’s ability to blend genres, cultures, and themes into a musical masterpiece.

It’s a testament to his boundless creativity and willingness to push boundaries.

And let’s be honest—who can resist swaying to that chorus? 🌟🕺

In summation, “China Girl” is not just another tune on the radio; it’s a mesmerizing melody that bridges continents and genres.

It serves as a shining example of David Bowie’s genius, making listeners ponder, groove, and celebrate the interconnectedness of our world.

So, ready to dance under the Bowie moonlight? 🚀🎶🌙💃

1. 🎶 “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin: Rocking the Himalayas with Legendary Beats! 🎸🏔️🎤

📜 Rock Royalty’s Asian Adventure:

Hold onto your air guitars, rock fans! 🎸🤘

When we talk about epic songs about asia, “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin stands tall, soaring even higher than the Himalayan peaks.

Let’s embark on a rock ‘n’ roll journey that knows no borders!

🎵 A Symphonic Soundscape:

“Kashmir” isn’t just a song—it’s an experience! With its cascading guitar riffs, orchestral arrangements, and the unmistakable voice of Robert Plant, this track is an auditory feast.

Close your eyes, and you’ll feel like you’re traversing the vast landscapes of Asia. 🌄🎧

🖌 Lyrics that Linger:

While named after Kashmir, the song’s lyrics paint a tapestry of diverse inspirations from Plant’s travels, creating a mesmerizing blend of reality and fantasy.

Dive into lines filled with hope, dreams, and an undeniable wanderlust. 📜✍️

🌐 East Meets West in Perfect Harmony:

What makes “Kashmir” a standout in the canon of songs about asia is its seamless fusion of Eastern melodies with Western rock sensibilities.

The result?

A track that’s as timeless as the ancient lands it evokes. 🌍🎵

🎧 Rock Immortality:

Few songs achieve the iconic status that “Kashmir” has.

Decades later, it remains a beacon of Led Zeppelin’s experimental brilliance and their ability to craft tunes that transcend genres and geographies.

Bow down to the rock gods! 🙌⭐

In wrapping up, “Kashmir” is more than just the opening act of our musical journey—it’s a song that takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride across vast terrains and deep into the soul of rock ‘n’ roll.

As the beats of John Bonham guide you, one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be an unforgettable expedition!

Ready to rock the Himalayas? 🚀🎶🏞️🤩

Led Zeppelin Kashmir

In Conclusion: Embracing the Diversity Through Songs About Asia 🌟

Our melodic journey across Asia’s vast landscapes and cultures may be concluding, but the echoes of these unforgettable tunes remain.

From the heart-wrenching ballads to the uplifting beats, songs about Asia have consistently proven their transformative power.

They not only represent the rich tapestry of the continent’s history, traditions, and emotions but also bridge the gap between the East and the West.

In a world constantly in flux, the universal language of music helps us find common ground.

As we reflect on the diverse songs about Asia we’ve explored, one thing is clear: their impact transcends borders, touching the very soul of every listener.

Whether you’ve been introduced to new tracks or revisited old favorites, we hope this list has expanded your musical horizons and inspired further exploration.

Because, after all, every song is a new journey waiting to be embarked upon.

Here’s to many more musical adventures in Asia and beyond! 🎶🌟

Have a favorite song we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Sebastien Helary

Sebastien Helary is the founder and principal writer for Nextbop.com, a premier destination for contemporary jazz enthusiasts. His insightful contributions have also graced the pages of Time Out Montreal and Cult Montreal. Outside the realm of music journalism, Sebastien's personal musings and artistry are showcased at Helaryous.com.

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